Mad world

e ciudat sa-mi amintesc cum fugeam odata
lumea nu era la fel, la fel de ciudata.

E si vremea asta de afara. De vreo luna asa. Vreme de stat in casa si facut copii, glumea un prieten de-al tatei. Ce copii, vreme de stat in casa si SFORRR zice F. Vreme… “Doamne ce vreme-i afara… si ploua si ninge…” m-am trezit uneori fredonand, reminiscente din vremea cand inca mai ascultam Travka. Vreme semi-gri.

e ciudat sa nu mai fiu plin de nepasare

Nici Luna Amara n-am mai ascultat. Too much hate, vorba lui Z. Mai port tricoul, cand si cand. Changes. We’re all going through changes. Parents getting old. Visibly. Bills to pay. Shit to buy. Pomu care face bani e si el in toamna, mai are putine frunze de scuturat.

Cat s-o arzi la rece, la o adica. Si pe spinarea cui. Vrand nevrand we all have to start pulling more of our weight. Frate-meu – desi nu-si da seama – simte asta, si nu-i place. Ii ataca his leasurely lifestyle. La naiba, si-al meu fu atacat. Back to work after two years.

e ciudat sa nu fiu ca tine
nu crezi? nu crezi?
nu vezi ca esti ciudat, mai ciudat decat mine ?

Day after day in the middle of corporate coca crazy Bucharest. Route to work. Route back from work. Shortest route. Key hours. Avoiding traffic jams. Lunch break. Responsibilities. Car out of gas. Afternoon coffee. Parking spot stalking. Crazy drivers. Hurried people. Their life apparently depending on every second. Every meter won is a little victory. Honks and broken traffic rules. Douchebag driving position. Sunglasses when the sun hasn’t been out for three days. Shiny cars even though it rains daily. Hair gel. Coca. Corporate. Crazy.


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2 Responses to Mad world

  1. brz says:

    misto text :)
    un sfat destept zicea ceva de genul: cand simti c-ai intrat intr-o bucla in care risti sa te pierzi, incheie-ti ziua de lucru luand troleibuzul in sens opus celui care te duce acasa.

  2. Andu says:

    hehe. un punct bun de plecare ar fi sa … iau troleibuzul :)

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